Hello, I’m Staff Bot
Your personal digital assistant

I will help you to manage your
casting and enter into digital
actors agreements

What can I do for
сasting manager
or director?

  • Reduction of time to search for actors;
  • Actual database of actors;
  • Easy management of casting calls;
  • Digital conclusion of contracts with the actors within 5 minutes.
$10 / per month Let’s try
* for 1 casting manager account

What can I do for

  • Actual database of actors;
  • Access to the best production studios without intermediaries;
  • No commissions for casting agencies;
  • Digital conclusion of contracts with the production studio within 5 minutes.

Media about me

To help film directors and casting managers make casting and signing agreements with actors easier, the lawyers from Juscutum together with the leading Ukrainian production service company, Radioaktive Film, have developed a Telegram-bot named Staff Bot. Not only is the Bot capable of making casting managers’ life easier and more orderly, but it can also help enter into agreement to regulate intellectual property rights issues, which is very important for production.
In July 2018, at Odessa International Film Festival, a new Telegram-based bot, Staff Bot, was presented to producers. “The idea of creating an ideal universal helper which could be equally useful both to actors and to the production team did not come to us overnight; nor was it an accident. First, during close cooperation with production studios, we found out that a number of business processes could be automated. For example, we had this idea to enter into agreements with actors of extras using electronic agreements”.

My clients about me

Staff Bot is a great solution to streamline work with the actors and sign the agreements with them quickly. The Bot speeds up work of casting managers and makes lawyers’ work significantly easier.
Olga Lavrik
Senior lawyer

My plans

Interactive casting
Mobile application
Adaptation of the VUI
(voice interface)

People often ask me

What devices does Staff Bot work on?
Staff Bot is a chat bot in Telegram. It works on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
Where do I get Telegram?
You can download Telegram Messenger here: https://telegram.org
How does Staff Bot protect my personal data?
Staff Bot uses SSL protocol and complies with GDPR policy.
How many languages does the Bot use?
You can communicate with the Bot in Ukrainian or English by switching between /en or /ua
How can casting managers find me in the database and invite to casting?
Casting managers can search through the database to find actors and invite them directly in a Telegram bot.
How do I sign an agreement?
The agreements are signed by the parties using electronic signatures.
Can I protect my rights in the court using an electronic agreement with an electronic signature?
Electronic agreements with an electronic signature can be used in court.
Who drafts agreements for the Bot?
Our agreements for the Bot are drafted by the lawyers of Juscutum Attorneys Association, one of the top 50 Ukrainian law firms.

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